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Responsible Farming Practices

Our varietals of French and Spanish heritage pay tribute to old world practices, while our vines thrive in a terroir that is uniquely Southern Oregon.

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Jaxon 2020 Rose of Grenache


This popular rose varietal traces its origins to Northern Spain where it is known as Garnacha Rosado. It is exquisitely crisp and refreshing with hints of strawberry, pomegranate and plum.

Silver Medal 2021 Oregon Wine Experience

Jaxon 2021 Silver Medal


Viognier (“Vee-own-yay”) is a full-bodied white wine that originated in the Rhone region of France. The Jaxon Viognier features juicy apricot and guava flavors with exotic floral notes and pleasant minerality.


This full-bodied traditional white wine features flavors of butter-poached pear and vanilla custard that are highlighted by nuances of lemon zest.


Tempranillo (“temp-rah-nee-yo”) was one of the original vines planted on the vineyard in 2009 and remains one of our most popular wines. Boasting a broad flavor profile, the Jaxon Tempranillo is lively yet elegant with flavors of black cherry and plum with notes of dried herb and clove. Because of its savory qualities, Tempranillo pairs well with all types of food.


This bold and full-bodied red wine has a profile that is framed by dark fruit flavors enhanced by vanilla-bean crème brûlée with a whiff of supple leather and spice.

Silver Medal 2020 Oregon Wine Experience

Jaxon 2020 Silver Medal


Originating in France where it was primarily used as a blending wine, Malbec has gained in popularity with red wine lovers. The Jaxon Malbec has dense and juicy red flavors of sun-ripened black cherry and blueberry highlighted by nuances of fine leather and violet.


If you’re a fan of bold red blends, this is your wine. Plush with warm earth and mineral aromas, the Forte has supple flavors of sun-ripened plum and toasted cashew with a soft lingering finish with whispers of clove and tobacco leaf.


A beautiful blend which combines two of Spain’s red-wine varietals. Tempranillo, Spain’s signature grape, provides the dominant proportion of red cherries, black currants, and tobacco. The Grenache adds body and an aromatic lift with signature raspberry notes.


An elegant red wine that opens with a nose of licorice, rose petal, and vanilla aromas. The Jaxon Grenache has flavors of raspberry, strawberry, and toasty oak that finishes smooth and velvety.